Braun Series 8 8390cc Next Generation Review

Brought to advertise in 2020, Braun Series 8 shavers will be the newest kid on the block, packed with smart technology that pushes their close-cutting functionality.

Can this superior men’s foil electrical shaver maintain its own against the well-established Series 7, 5, and 9 shavers? Scroll down to see our entire review!

Braun Series 8 Key Features

  • Braun’s latest electric shaver for men and worlds leading manufacturer of best quality grooming tools.
  • Intelligently adapts to beard density, precisely shaving even challenging areas.
  • 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute allow the shaver to glide over skin
  • 100% waterproof – use wet or dry
  • More powerful battery provides up to 20 per cent more run-time than Series 7 shavers
  • Pro Display indicates battery status at a glance.
  • Designed, engineered and built to the highest Germany standards.
  • Independently recommended by the Skin Health Alliance
  • Clean & Charge Station automatically cleans and charges shaver for maximum performance and prolonged efficiency

Braun Series 8 Triple-Blade System Cuts Short and Long Hairs

Much like additional Braun electric shavers, the Series 8 8390cc contains three blades — just two curved, micro-perforated OptiFoils which sit over the outer borders of this shaver head, along with a centre trimmer, whose admired horizontal form and switching, vertical jelqing pattern assist catch and trim, flat-lying hairs in fewer moves.

Braun’s remarkable selection of male electrical shavers begin at the Series 3 and then proceed progressively upward in 2 digit increments.

Inside each Series are numerous versions with minor feature variations, but you will notice that the”Series” shavers really are a strange amount — it has been this way for several decades now. To observe this String 8 seem like an even amount, slotted between these versions 7 and 5 is quite intriguing.

Braun Series 8 8390cc

In my observation, it seems that Series 8 will be similar to the Series 7 with regard to attributes.

The Series 8 gets exactly the exact same pop-up trimmer, shaving components, motor performance in contrast to the Series 7, however, the Series 8 includes a more lasting battery and also more information screen. In my view, the Series 7 has ever been a part of the group, and I have never liked this layout.

The hottest Braun Series 8 electrical shaver is similar to a considerably improved version of this Series 7, concerning functionality and aesthetics.

Flexible Shaving Head Cuts Evenly with Less Pressure

If you have ever cut using a guide, fixed-blade razor, then you will enjoy the elastic shaving head to the Braun Series 8 8390cc — then it warms upward and down, and also the three shaving components proceed independently of each other. This means less strain in the own face and a considerably minimized chance of aggravation from over-shaving.

Fast and Gentle Shave

The Series 8 8390cc functions fast, powering through facial hair using a blazingly quick, 30,000 cutting action each week. Frequently, that type of speed usually means a loss of accuracy. No such sacrifice is created: Braun’s brand new electrical shaver cuts as near as 0.05mm, leaving you smooth, the stubble-free epidermis.

Sonic vibrations decrease friction and help catch much more stubble. This feature together with the high functionality cutters makes this type of really superior selection for shaving sensitive skin, along with a thumbs up in the Skin Health Alliance provides further satisfaction that your with an electric shaver that is made with skin relaxation technology.

Versatile Shaving – Use it Wet or Dry

The Braun Series 8 8390cc is 100 per cent waterproof. This means that you may use it dry, to get a fast, close shave or to get the best in relaxation, moist, with water or your own favourite shaving merchandise.

Though we advocate utilizing the contained Clean & Charge Station (more about this later), the 8390cc may also be readily rinsed clean under running water.

Series 8 Microcontroller-Driven for Intelligent Adaptation

The brains behind the Braun are located at a brand new, 32-bit MCU (microcontroller unit).

Basically a little pc, the MCU controls engine speed along with other essential acts — and adapts power output proportional to your own beard density. The outcome is much better shaving performance and decreased wear and tear.

Optimal and Automatic Maintenance With Clean & Charge Station

Contained with all the Series 8 8390cc is Braun’s favourite Clean & Charge Station, that selects the cleanup program, also cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver with a single touch of a button.

Hands-off care is a good time-saver, also retains the 8390cc sterile, and running in its maximum optimal. The only disadvantage is having to cover Clean & Charge refills–however, that the advantage greater than makes up for this.

Travel Lock Prevents Accidental Operation

It is a very simple attribute, but you will likely wonder how you ever went with this a travelling lock prevents the power switch from being inadvertently engaged. Meaning no danger of draining the battery or damaging your bag once you are on the move.

Intuitive Display and Ergonomic Design

An easy, five-bar index, positioned around the shaver manage, allows you to check that the battery level in a glance. The buttons in the Braun 8390cc are big and easy to press, even if wet.

A generous part of the dial is coated with a textured, rubberized segment which enhances grip. Knurling — compared to the tiny dots Braun utilized — may further enrich grippiness, however, we don’t have any real complaints. The Series 8 8390cc is well-designed, using a curved, flared shape that fits comfortably in your hands.

Significantly Improved Battery Life

A recently improved, greater capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery supplies around 20 per cent greater horsepower compared to Braun Series 7 Shavers. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like a good deal, but it is about the gap between 45 minutes plus a complete hour.

This way more shaves on a single charge. And if you forget to recharge your shaver (it happens to the best people ), the five-minute quick-charge attribute will get you up and running in almost no time.

Quiet Operation For Those Early Mornings (or Late Nights)

We have yet to obtain an entirely silent electrical shaver, however, the Braun 8390cc is pretty silent, occupying a middle ground between Series 7 and Series 9 versions. It is no match for quite quiet-running rotary shavers, however, is not too bad whatsoever in the sound section.

The Pros

  1. Triple cutting components cut short, bristly stubble and more, flat-lying hair loss. This means fewer moves and less chance of aggravation.
  2. The shaver can be used dry or wet, as well as without gel or foam. Rounded foils and quick micro-vibrations permit the shaver to glide on the skin, making for quite a comfortable shave.
  3. A better battery provides you twenty per cent greater runtime, and also the travelling lock prevents the 8390cc from becoming unintentionally powered.
  4. Operation is fairly quiet, and cleanup is pretty simple –much more so with all the added Clean & Charge channel.
  5. The Braun Series 8 8390cc is quite priced — it is not a funding shaver but is significantly less expensive than some more expensive offerings of comparable status.

The Cons

The Clean & Charge channel takes up additional counter space, also replacement capsules are a cost which you have to take under account.

When compared to Series 7 shavers, the 8390cc includes another equilibrium in-hand that could be marginally more fatiguing to work with. (Though that’s quite subjective.)

Replacement shaver heads price over those located on Series 7 versions.

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